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The BaqueiraPASS is a lot more than just a ski pass. It’s the best way to enjoy the #EspírituBaqueira.

BaqueiraPASS opens up a whole world of exclusive offers and advantages that will grow season after season... Are you ready?

Don’t have the BaqueiraPASS yet?


What is the BaqueiraPASS?

The BaqueiraPASS is a ski pass card for Baqueira Beret, which you can top up for days or for the whole season. The card is personal, bearing the cardholder’s name, that provides the owner with a private area where they can: consult and update their personal information, consult their invoices, personalise communications, etc. But the biggest advantage is that you can recharge your BaqueiraPASS and family members’ and friends’ cards at reduced rates and without having to queue at the ticket office.

You can order your BaqueiraPASS online at a cost of €10. The card is valid for a minimum of La tarjeta es válida para un mínimo de 3 seasons which means you won’t need to order it every year.

Once you have ordered your BaqueiraPASS, by sending all the right information and photograph, your card will be delivered to your home * within the following 5 working days approximately if you have supplied an address in Spain or France. Otherwise, you can collect your card at the Resort.

*For residents in the Canary Islands, Val d’Aran and Valls d’Aneu: see conditions

Advantages of the BaqueiraPASS

  • No need to stop at the ticket office
    Top up your Baqueirapass online either using the web or the Baqueira app for days or for the whole season, and go straight to the ski lifts without stopping at the ticket office.
  • Faster to recharge
    Add family members and friends in your personal area. Your information will be stored on your BaqueiraPASS, making it easier and quicker for you to recharge your passes when and where you want.
  • It’s personal
    The BaqueiraPASS is your exclusive accreditation as a client of Baqueira Beret, offering you access to more personalised services.
  • Valid for three seasons
    Your BaqueiraPASS doesn’t expire at the end of the season so you won’t have to order a new one to enjoy the following two seasons.
  • Exclusive services
    Being the holder of the BaqueiraPASS client gives you access to exclusive services on the Baqueira Beret app.
  • Reduced rates
    When you recharge your pass for days, you get off* the ticket office price.

* See rates.

  1. How can I access my private area to carry out operations for BaqueiraPASS?

    You can access your private area by going to www.baqueirapass.es and entering your email address in the space “Access your private area”. You will then be sent an email with a link to your private area.

    You can also access your private area by registering as a BaqueiraPASS customer using the Baqueira app.

  2. In previous years I bought the BaqueiraPASS ski pass. How can I renew it?

    You can recharge your BaqueiraPASS for the whole season or for days by entering your private area.

    Should you have any questions, you can contact us at forfaits@baqueira.es or by calling +34 973 639 066.

  3. I have already renewed my BaqueiraPASS for the season. Will I receive a new card?

    When you recharge your BaqueiraPASS in your private area, you are recharging the same BaqueiraPASS that you had the previous season. If you have lost your card, you can report it by going to the tab entitled “Group”, where you can order a replacement card.

    We remind you that all BaqueiraPASS replacement cards which are ordered for reasons of loss, theft, damage or breakage of the original card have a charge of 10 euros, in concept of a new card and handling charges.

  4. What are the different age categories for each price range?

    The ages indicated in the price ranges are valid for the year at the start of the season. In the case of the 2021/2022 season, these are:

    • Infant special born in and after 2016
    • Child General born between 2010 and 2015
    • Teen General born between 2004 and 2009
    • General born between 1952 and 2003
    • Senior Special born in and before 1951
  5. I can only ski from Monday to Friday. Is there a special rate for a season ski pass for those days only?

    Yes, there is the option of the WEEKDAY BaqueiraPASS. You can find this option in your private area.

  6. What operations can I do in my BaqueiraPASS private area?
    • Recharge my BaqueiraPASS and those of family members and friends.
    • Consult my invoices.
    • Consult current recharges.
    • Consult and update my personal details.
    • Personalize the notifications I want to receive.
    • Report the loss of my BaqueiraPASS card
  7. How can I recharge the BaqueiraPASS of a family member or friend?

    By entering your private area, you choose which category you want to recharge to your card, (Season, Weekday or Days), and you can choose the BaqueiraPASS you require for everyone who is in your group. You can also add another person BaqueiraPASS by clicking on “Add friend” and entering the number that appears on that particular card (8 digits + 1 letter).

  8. How much time should I allow when ordering my BaqueiraPASS?

    You should order your BaqueiraPASS card at least 5 working days* before you intend to use it. If you order your card in Spain or France, this is the time period required for it to be delivered to your home.

    If the address you provide is in a country other than Spain or France, the card will not be sent there, but can be collected at the Ski Resort itself. A delivery service is not provided to addresses in the Canary Islands, Val d’Aran or Valls d’Àneu.

    *The expected delivery time is 5 days from the moment all the information and documentation has been received.

  9. Can I recharge a BaqueiraPASS for a bank holiday at the same rate as for a WEEKDAY pass?

    Yes, a BaqueiraPASS card with a weekday recharge can be charged to cover the days not included in the WEEKDAY calendar.

  10. If I have last season’s BaqueiraPASS, can I change the category of pass when I recharge it? For example, last year I had a season pass and this year I want to change to the individual days category or vice versa.

    Yes, the same BaqueiraPASS card can be recharged either for a season pass or for days. A BaqueiraPASS which was recharged as a season pass the previous year can be used again, and recharged as a ski pass for individual days, and vice versa.

    In the same season, you can change from recharging your pass for individual days to recharging it for the whole season, but you must take into account that you will not be entitled to a refund of the difference in cost up to the moment you make that change. Remember that once you have recharged your pass for whatever category, it is NOT REFUNDABLE NOR EXCHANGEABLE.

BaqueiraPASS general terms and conditions of purchase and use


  1. The BaqueiraPASS allows you to top-up Resort access passes online, whether for the entire season or consecutive days.
  2. Remember that you must always carry the physical BaqueiraPASS with a valid and current top-up to access the resort ski lifts.
  3. The BaqueiraPASS application is online and the processing fee is €10. It is valid for a minimum of 3 seasons.
  4. Copies of the BaqueiraPASS which are requested if the original is lost, stolen, modified or broken will cost 10 euros for support and administration fees. To request these passes, the holder must present an official identification document
  5. The BaqueiraPASS application requires a link to a valid and unique email address per holder. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REQUEST MORE THAN ONE ADULT BaqueiraPASS LINKED TO THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS. Minors will be linked to the email address of the responsible adult who requests the BaqueiraPASS in their name.
  6. Baqueira Beret will send an email address to the holder to confirm their application and provide their consent with regards to the personal data protection policy and the BaqueiraPASS terms and conditions of purchase and use. The pass cannot be issued without this consent.
  7. Once the BaqueiraPASS application has been submitted, if all details and the photograph are correct (*), you will receive the BaqueiraPASS at your address within approximately 5 working days (it can only be sent within the country, except the Canary Islands, Vall d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu, and France. Any other BaqueiraPASS must be collected from the Resort’s Baqueira 1500 offices)
    (*) The photograph submitted with the application must be suitable for facial recognition at the Resort access control points, therefore it must comply with the requirements indicated in the application form. No BaqueiraPASS will be processed without a valid photo, which could delay the BaqueiraPASS application process.
  8. The purchase of a BaqueiraPASS for top-ups at a reduced price due to age will require the presentation of an official identity document which provides proof of age. The use of a BaqueiraPASS or other pass which is unsuitable for the holder’s age will make it invalid.
  9. Purchase of a BaqueiraPASS does NOT guarantee priority for top-ups with regards to other users or products. Top-up rejection will NOT entitle the holder to any refund.
  10. The BaqueiraPASS IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the special BEGINNER, VISITOR AND AFTERNOON rates. To take advantage of these special rates, you must go to the Resort information points.
  11. The BaqueiraPASS is personal and non-transferable. Use by a person other than the holder will result in it being blocked and you must pay twice the booth price of a day pass for reactivation. Resort staff can ask the BaqueiraPASS holder to identify themselves with their official identity document. Access can be denied to the ski lift if their identity cannot be proven.
  12. Ski lift access is controlled via wireless scanning; to avoid errors and interference, only one BaqueiraPASS should be used when accessing the ski lift. If a person has more than one BaqueiraPASS, the others will be removed, and they can be collected from the Baqueira 1500 customer service point at the end of the skiing day (5pm).
  13. Before using our facilities, please ensure that you have the knowledge and physical ability required to use them safely, for you and others. Learn about the different types of ski lift and how they are used. Observe staff instructions at the facilities and read the information signs.
  14. Purchase of a BaqueiraPASS DOES NOT INCLUDE SKIING ACCIDENT INSURANCE or mandatory travellers' insurance.

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